Surat Terbuka untuk Profesor di Singapura yang Puji Jokowi Jenius

Rabu, 13/10/2021 11:23 WIB
Kishore Mahbubani. (Kompas).

Kishore Mahbubani. (Kompas).

Jakarta, - Hingga saat ini, artikel berjudul “The Genius of Jokowi” yang ditulis oleh Profesor National University of Singapore telah menuai kontroversi di masyarakat Indonesia.

Artikel itu juga membuat seorang warga negara Indonesia yang tinggal di Los Angeles, Jon Masli.

Dia mengaku menjadi satu dari jutaan rakyat Indonesia yang kaget dengan pujian Kishore Mahbubani pada Jokowi.

Lewat sebuah surat terbuka, Jon Masli mempertanyakan alasan Kishore Mahbubani menyebut Jokowi berhasil menjadi jembatan partai.

Berikut bunyi surat terbuka dari Jon Masli tersebut:

Dear Dr. Mahbubani.

My name is Jon Masli, an ordinary Indonesian citizen living in Los Angeles.

Your article about " The Genius of Jokowi" has shocked many millions of Indonesians especially those who have logic and common sense. And I happen to be one of them.
Of course you have written the article in superb English, and as usual in Indonesia anything written in English is considered credible, more over you are Singaporean and educated there whereby your first language in school is always English.

Apparently and unfortunately in Indonesia, if a foreign person writes in English like you just did, the majority naive average Indonesians usually will be amazed and admire your article as if everything you have written is correct, especially it is written by a foreign National like yourself.

Padahal lo kagak tahu situasi sebenarnya di Indonesia coi.

By the way I`m one of the millions and millions of Indonesians that have logic and common sense. But now under the current regime we can no longer much expres ourselves for a better Indonesia, we can only watch the continuous humiliation and disruption of those powerful political parties abusing their power and authority against the democracy and the people`s rights.

We can only watch witnessing the damage they have done to the people they represent. In fact, many Indonesians condemn your article and laugh at you. Many even consider you as foregn buzzer joining Denny Siregar, the famous local buzzer.

Having said all that, I would like to comment about the few controversial points you made in your article.

1. Bridging all political parties

You said he has successfully united all the political parties and put them together under president`s control. And you call that a great achievement? better than what Joe Biden has done in USA, to unite the Democrats and Republicans? Excuse me Sir, we all know that Democrat and Republican Parties are opposing each other in US political system for over a hundred years.

This is healthy and called democracy! You know it very well when there`s no opposition in a government, like now in Indonesia, the democracy is damage and disrupted. People can no longer express their opinions as the spirit and the main value of democracy.

By judging your article about this number one issue, it clearly defines what kind of person you are in understanding democracy. Amazingly though you are an educated professor that has a PhD degree from a reputable world class University but praising all political parties united under the president`s control as a democracy the world should learn from Indonesia? This is not what we learn about democracy.

Indonesia now is suffering from disruption of accountability and rule of law whereby people no longer have the accountability over the Congress.

Our DPR at Mal function condition as all political parties become an oligarchy power as opposition has joined the force. You will understand that democracy means that everybody has the right to be different expressing their opinions like what people enjoy in USA.

Other Points

2. Land reform. 3.Kartu Indonesia Pintar. And also 4, 5, and 6. These other points will be discussed with you once we are in touch. However, may I say this to you now that the Land Reform and Kartu Pintar Indonesia are promises of rose garden only, if not undelivered.

Let us exchange opinions professor. Certainly we will have different opinions but we shouldn`t beat around the bush to correct any wrongdoings. I think in any culture people will always praise integrity.

Though I`m not as educated as you are with a PhD degree, I only have MBA in Finance and BA in Economics from private universities in USA, I was taught to honor integrity and pride myself to speak the truth. In bahasa Indonesia it is called “Hati Nurani” (hopefully you have one too).

I trust we will have a very interesting discussion, especially when I have my dear friend, Mr Chris Komari, an American Indonesian joining us, who in fact may have already contacted you via email.

Sincerely yours,

Jon Masli..




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